Here is the best Instagram VS Twitter: Comparison

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It was not long ago when there was much of a debate about the crazy success of Instagram in a short span of time. Many social media experts and analysts were quick to label Instagram as the best social network with the maximum number of active and engaged users. But one thing which was repeatedly highlighted through the debates was how Instagram was better than Twitter and was reaching milestones faster than twitter. Out of nowhere, it seemed like some sort of ongoing competition or cold war between Twitter and Instagram as to which is a better social media platform. So we dedicate this article to draw a comparison between Instagram and Twitter.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is the number one social networking site, according to various reports. Instagram is a social media platform that requires the users to create an online account which permits the users to share videos and photographs. The key is to buy instagram followers. It is basically a visual medium of interaction. The inspiration for the photos of Instagram comes from Polaroid photographs that are actually very native. There are many features that Instagram has for its users including in-built filters which are unlike any other social network. It is user-friendly, compatible with all devise and is extremely fun to use!

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that does works on the ‘micro-blogging’ function. Micro-blogging is basically miniature blogging and helps the users to interact and express their views, feelings or sentiments using a post of maximum 140 characters. These posts are infamously referred to as ‘tweets’ and allows all private and public accounts to view and follow them. To reply to such accounts, you are required to re-tweet. A re-tweet is a reply to the original post. To make tweets visual, photographs can also be included. However it does not support the video streaming feature. Instead it posts links to video URL instead.

Which is a bigger social network out of the two?

According to the latest statistics, Instagram is a bigger and leading social network with up to 300 million active users per month. This is a lot more than the active twitter users that sit at a

whopping 284 million users! Instagram has progressed and expanded a lot in the past three years with its engaged users increasing by a 100 million.

Instagram vs. Twitter – Target Audience

If we compare the target audience of twitter and Instagram, both social networks target the same groups of audience. Most of its engaged and active users are people aged from 15 to 35 years. Statistics reveal that most of its users are either students or young professionals who are just starting off in their career. There are no contrasting differences that are seen amongst the target audiences.

Instagram vs. Twitter – Monthly active users through buy real instagram followers

If we compare the monthly active users of both social networks, Instagram leads with flying colors. Instagram not only already has the most active users but also has the rate increasing most by far every month. Twitter is somewhat lagging behind in the race.