Do Your African American Hair Products Pass Or Fail?

African American hair products are essential in keeping the hair looking healthy and to help manage it better. Black celebrities make hair look beautiful and perfect all the time but we all know that it takes an entire team of stylists and a ton of specialized African American hair products to make their hair look THAT good.

African American hair is one of the most difficult types of hair to care for. This is because many women have very curly hair. Unfortunately this texture of hair has a greater tendency to dry. Because of this it’s important to avoid products that can aggravate dryness like hair spray, mousse, holding gels, etc.

Must Haves List Of African American Hair Products

Good African American hair products that pass for being good products should contain some of the following:

Moisturizers – are products that remove the dryness in hair. The best ones are oil-based and not petroleum-based. This is because petroleum clogs pores and when that happens, your scalp will not be able to absorb moisture making your hair prone to damage. Shea butter is an excellent ingredient because it has many healing properties. Other good oils are Jojoba, papaya, coconut, olive, safflower, and ayurvedic. The last not only improves moisture but also softness and durability.
Oils -Some of these oils can be found in the kitchen like coconut and olive oil. These may be applied directly onto your hair and scalp. Just heat the oil a little, apply it on your scalp up to the tips of your hair, cover your head with a towel for twenty minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
Conditioners – are products that are designed to make hair stronger so the strands do not break or have split ends.
styling lotions – are creamy products that contain plant extracts and nourishing oils. These are alcohol-free so, unlike styling gels, these have soft holds and more natural-looking tresses.

Do Relaxers Make The Grade For African American Hair Products?

Since African American hair has tight curls, many people use hair relaxers to get the styling effect that they want. Hair relaxers are products used to straighten your hair or make them less curly. These also allow your hair to become less frizzy and sleeker. In general, using lye-free hair relaxers are better because these are gentler on your hair and scalp when used properly. Using relaxers with protein treatment reduces dryness. Do make sure that it is protein treatment and not just protein oils. So the answer to the question about relaxers making the grade, is yes; they certainly do!

24 Hour Locksmith Services – Saviors in Times of Emergency

Many people today are guilty of misplacing and losing keys irrespective of what they are used for, it could be the car keys, house keys, safe locker keys or motorbike keys. A typical person does not think about locksmith service until they find themselves locked out. When you realize you have been locked out of your home or car at four in the morning, a locksmith is the person you need to call to help you out.  A 24 hour locksmith service is one thing that you should have on speed dial since you never know when the need may arise.

24-hour locksmith services include lock changing, lock re-keying, key duplication, lock picking, and master key cutting service. Locksmiths are trained to duplicate keys, build and repair various security devices such as alarm systems, safes, and vaults. So they not only assist you in sticky situations but also help in getting the best security set up for your home or business.

The technicians are equipped with the most modern key cutting equipment. They also receive regular training to update themselves with the latest technology. Unlike the standard locksmith, a 24-hour locksmith can be on the scene quickly to ensure that the amount of time you spend waiting outside your home, office or vehicle is as short it has to be. The technicians are professional and highly-skilled and also provide great customer experience.

Due to prolonged usage, keys can get bent easily and don’t go inside locks. A skilled locksmith will take a quick look at your bent keys and make a duplicate within a few minutes. Did you forget the password of your home security system? No problem! A professional locksmith in today’s generation can either recover your old password or set you up with a new password or even replace your entire security system when the situation warrants. They can also guide you which combination will suit you the best depending on your security need and budget. They will even give you recommendations on how to provide maximum security for your home.

A 24-hour locksmith service will not only help you with reentry of your home, or auto anytime, but they will also come to your rescue in no time when you accidentally locked your car with your keys dangling in the ignition our let your office door close with you outside. And you can stay right where you are to get the emergency help from a 24-hour locksmith service.

Whether it is in during the early hours of the morning, middle of the day, or late in the evening, 24-hour locksmith services are at your disposal to provide the service you need. You can always count on their emergency services anytime and anywhere.

Top 4 Most Rewarding Careers with Children

Are you are a naturally caring person with a desire to work with children? If so, there a number of careers out there in which you could make a real difference to the lives of young people.


A teacher is the most obvious choice that comes to mind when people think about working with children. Witnessing the light bulb moments and seeing that you’ve made a difference to the next generation can be very rewarding, especially knowing that ultimately you’re improving young people’s life choices. If you have great communication skills, excellent organisation skills and a desire to bring out the best in young people, then teaching may be your ideal career.

Nursery Nurse

Nursery nurses typically look after children from newborns to around age seven. They are responsible for helping them learn and develop socially, physically and emotionally through child based activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, singing and reading to them. The role also involves feeding, changing and playing with the children. If you have lots of energy, enthusiasm, patience, a good imagination and enjoy taking care of babies and young children then this could be the perfect job for you to consider.

Foster Carer

Not many people are even aware that becoming a Foster Carer is a career choice, however it is actually one of the most rewarding. Sometimes children need fostering because for whatever reason, their parent(s) can no longer take care of them or protect them from harm. Foster Carers provide a welcoming and supportive home where these children and young people can feel valued, respected and part of the family. There are many different types of fostering, so whatever your circumstances there is probably one that will suit you. It is an amazing way to change both a child’s life for the better, and your own. There are many children that currently need fostering in Liverpool, so if you think you’re in a position to offer a child a loving, stable family environment in your own home, then this could be the career for you.

Hospital Play Specialist

Hospital play specialists use play activities as a therapeutic tool to help children in hospitals or hospices. The children they help can range from infants to children and teenagers.They help the children to feel settled, to make friendships with other children, to come to terms with whatever they’re going through and to develop new skills among much more. If you’re a sociable, creative person and are keen to help sick children, then a Hospital play specialist could be the right career choice where you could make a real difference.

The City of Casablanca has allocated MAD4.15 billion for the third and fourth tramline in 2017

The Wilaya of the Casablanca-Settat region this week has hosted a session with the board of the Local Development Corporation (SDL) Casablanca Transport, chaired by Khalid Safir, wali of the region.

The Board of Directors of Casablanca Transport have met to the review of the progress of projects piloted by the SDL. The meeting was also meant to set the investment and operating budgets for 2017. At the opening of the meeting, Youssef Draiss, the CEO of Casa Transport, gave a presentation on the state of works. The progress of the projects, as well as their financial aspects, were also discussed during the meeting.

According to Casablanca Transport, the total amount of investments launched by the company in 2016 amounts to more than MAD5.1 billion which was broken down as follows:

  • Four billion for the tramway.
  • MAD600 million for the Node A.
  • MAD520 million for the Traffic regulation.
  • MAD20 million for hoppers.
  • MAD 5 million for parking.

The projects took place globally according to the initial schedule, despite some minor concerns according to Casa Transport.  In terms of operations, the Casablanca tramway has achieved more than 36 million trips in 2016.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the figure that the Casa tramway has garnered in 2016 is very reassuring and it is also the sentiment of Casa Transport. The report indicates that in May 2016, the transport agency has recorded its 100 millionth traveler since the start of the tramway service in December 2012.

The new sustainable mobility policy which is in the process of being implemented in the city of Casablanca has been strengthened, on the occasion of the hosting of the COP22 by the Kingdom of Morocco. During the conference, different strategies and campaigns were discussed primarily aiming to promote sustainable mobility and a cost-optimization of the ticketing system encouraging the use of rechargeable cards, which can last and be valid for five years, compared to the use of disposable paper tickets which are usable only a few times.

During the meeting, the focus was on the commitment of the City Council of Casablanca to develop a sustainable public transport network with energy efficient solutions such as the installation of LED lightings along the network, the installation of photovoltaic panels in the equipment maintenance centers and their supply of renewable green energy.

According to Casa Transport, the year 2017 will be characterized by the continuation of the projects launched in 2016 and by the launching of the studies and works of the other lines in tram transport or bus transport with a high level of service. Moreover, additional investments of around MAD4.15 billion will be injected in 2017 and will be allocated to the tram lines T3 and T4. The year will also witness the designation of the tramway operator for the period 2017-2029.

Three candidates are in the running for this auction, which will be decided next June after the agreement of the City Council of Casablanca. With regard to the organization of mobility in the city and as a Local Development Corporation, Casa Transport will be mandated by the Inter-municipal Cooperation Institution to prepare and launch the call for tender for the operation of buses from 2019, which is the year when the contract binding the currently authorized operator will end.

Things to consider before you buy Instagram followers

real instagram followers

Instagram is one of the most famous social sites around the globe with millions of users. So, it is not unlikely that if you own a smartphone, you are not using it. It is a place where you can upload photos and videos of you and things around you. This is to make people around you aware of what you are doing currently. Some use it to share jokes and quotes with their friends. People that follow you will see your posts and you are likely to have engagement on it depending on the post that you upload. In order to have engagement, you need to have followers and some people opt to buy real Instagram followers.

What to know before you buy Instagram followers

There are certain things that you need to be aware of while you are about to purchase the Instagram followers.

Know what you are buying

When you are about to buy the Instagram followers, first get to know what you are buying. Whether you are going to purchase the real and active followers or you are just opting to buy the robots. Anyone who is looking to buy the Instagram followers should always go for buying real and active followers. It is because when you buy the robots, there is nothing more than just increase in the number of followers. So, if you just want an increase in the followers count to brag about it in front of your friends, you might do so. But it will make your profile appear awkward and a bit fake. It is because the followers that you bought are not active. You are standing on a stage and you are showing that you have millions of people to cheer for you. But when there is no cheer, i.e. no engagement on your Instagram posts, you will appear fake. Thus, always but the real and active followers that are engaged with your posts so that you can have some likes and comments on it.

Don’t fall for the identity hacks

Recently, there has been a lot of surveys in order to check what the companies are actually selling that are providing the services of buy Instagram likes. It was found that some of the company owners will take the identity from you and will blackmail you. These people are cyber criminals and will ask you to pay them in form of bitcoins or such other forms of money transfer. There was a crackdown against such people but still some such criminals are out there waiting to catch their next prey so that they can get money by wrongful means for their wrongful desires.

So, these are a couple of things to know before you buy Instagram followers. It is best to get the recommendation of someone or at least read the reviews regarding the services of the company before choosing to get the services from anyone. And we recommend not to buy the followers if you are not in need of it.

How to be a good neighbor and welcome people to your neighborhood

Did you know that most people are affected by moving? Yes, some of them even experience short term relocation depression. That is the reason why you as a neighbor, you need to ensure that you make the new people feel comfortable.

So, how can you welcome people to your neighborhood? Below are tips that you can use.

Introduce yourself

The first step into breaking that barrier is to introduce yourself. Once your new neighbors have moved in, go over to their home with your family and introduce yourself and officially welcome them to the neighborhood.

The best way for you to welcome a person is by making them a welcome pie. They probably won’t eat it but they will feel welcomed and cared for.

For support, you may opt for the idea of inviting other neighbors with you. This is the best way for you to make them feel welcomed.

Form a neighborhood welcoming committee

This can only work if you don’t already have one. You may invite other neighbors to this committee. The purpose of the committee will be to welcome new members in your neighborhood and make them feel comfortable.

It is important for you to ask the new people if they are interested in joining the committee. You need to ensure that you consider the needs of all the people in the committee. That is the only way that the process can work.

Share information

Being a good neighbor is more than just welcoming people are making them pies. It is also important for you to look after each other. The best way for you to do that is to introduce them to local business. You need to show them where to get their supplies and have their repairs done. You may also share information related to the different services like local plumber, internet service providers etc.

Have a party

You may also decide to throw a block party to introduce the new neighbors to other people. Make sure you invite all persons in your community. This can also be a great way for the children to meet.

Respect their privacy

Even though you may feel compelled to invite the new neighbors to all the community events, you need to also respect their privacy. It is important for you to give them the time to settle down and adapt to the new environment. Don’t be too eager or pushy.

Your neighbors are going to be important to you if you plan to live in your new place for some time. Having good relationships with them is going to be very valuable for you, your family, and the community in general. Neighborhoods that are close knit and comfortable with each other are stronger and can lean on each other during tough times. If there ever was an emergency or other situation where you needed help, having good neighbors who you are comfortable will is important. Take some time to foster these new relationships and make your new neighbors feel welcome when they move into their new house.

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The toddler haircut ideas for 2017


The haircuts are always important. Whether you are an adult person, a young one, a kid, male, or female, you will always want your hairstyle to be perfect. It is because the haircut plays an important role in how we are appearing to other people around us. When you talk about kids, parents are always conscious about how they are looking. Everyone wants his child to look perfect and stand out. This cannot be achieved without perfect baby boy haircuts and here we are guiding you about them.

Short cut with waves

Give your lad a great outlook by shaving the sides and keeping some hair on the top. Ask barber to keep hair to appropriate length at the top so that you can style them. Shave the hair from sides and back and create waves that goes from side to back. Not only waves, you can opt for any texture that you like.

The confident Quiff

Confident and cute quaff suits almost every kid. Any kid is a star and to make him look like one, you have to be careful in choosing his hairstyle. The Quiff refers to the style where there are swept sides and flipped bangs. They go with almost all sort of kids regardless of their facial outlay.

The parted style

The parted styles are always no when you talk about kids haircuts. People do it in a number of different ways. However, the most appealing of them all are the ones where sides and back are trimmed to almost nill and the top is kept long for you to create partition. A sophisticated style which is appropriate for any event.

The Mullet

Talking about the mullets, we know them as people who do both business and party. So, they have to equip themselves with something that can be useful in casual and formal manner. However, when it comes to kids, almost anything goes regardless of the occasion. Therefore, the modern mullet can be your pick. The sides undercut and trimmed top with long hair at the back are on in the modern mullet. A great way to compliment the wild child of your family.

So, there are some of the latest and trendiest haircuts in concern with the kids. They are perfect baby boy haircuts but may look a bit awkward concerning the kid in question. Thus, do not forget to ask barber for the recommendations.



Smart Locks Buying Guide 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) started off as a concept in the late 1990s, but today it is one of the biggest technological trends of our times. There are over 7 billion connected “things” today and by 2020, there are expected to be over 25 billion connected things.

We have smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart cameras, smart cars, and even smart egg trays. So why not “smart” locks?

Smart locks are locks that you can control from your smartphone. They are far more convenient than a traditional deadbolt lock as they you can lock or unlock them even before getting to the door.

Also, you can be sure that your doors are locked and check on the locks every now and then from a smartphone app. If, for any reason, the doors are unlocked, you can lock them with just a tap on your smartphone.

That brings us to the Smart Locks Buying Guide 2017. How do you know which smart locks to buy in 2017? That’s not an easy decision to make given that there are so many of them on the market.

Follow the buying guide for smart locks for more on this.

#1: Is the smart lock compatible with your smart phone?

There’s no point in buying a smart lock if it is not compatible with your smart phone. There are some locks that work only with iPhone and others that work with Android phones. You should choose smart locks that are device independent and can work on both iPhone and Android phone.

#2: Can you control the access to the lock?

When buying a smart lock, you should look for one that can be accessed as many people as you choose. Any access should be based on the level of authorization to be set by you.  This could mean setting the time limit for which someone can control the smart lock. So, if you have friends visiting over, you can allow them access to your smart locks for a set period, say 24 to 48 hours, so that they can lock and unlock the door during their stay at your home.

#3: Does the smart lock have Bluetooth compatibility?

Most of the new smart locks on the market come with Bluetooth compatibility, which means you don’t even have to take your phone out to unlock them. The locks open automatically as soon as you approach them and are within the set range. So, there is no reason to fumble for your phone or for the keys, the locks open like magic!

 #4: Does it come with a backup system?

Remember, no technology is perfect; there is always a chance that the lock access system could fail completely. In that case, does the smart lock come with a backup option, such as allowing you to unlock it with a key or with a code? This is very important.

FREEZERIA that give a new way of enjoyment


Some favorite ways to play FREEZERIA that give a new way of enjoyment

Description: so you are looking for some favorite ways to play FREEZARIA that give a new way of enjoyment? In this post, you are about to uncover all the information and answers to your queries.


You may have seen so many online games that kids loves to play and online 7 little words has offered them so many varieties and categories that they never stop coming for more. The demands of such games are very high kids love these types of activities by involving themselves in the fantasy world and make the most of it.

These kinds of games are made to help them educate and learn from the experience where word cookies answers is considered top of the list. It is an ice cream shop located on the ocean. People usually love to play and enjoy the ice cream at the same time. You can’t miss this one especially the tourists. The concept of this famous game is very clear, and you can choose to become as an employee or a customer.

Unlike many other games, this game offers different ways to play. This not your typical online game but something more who would have thought you gets to play a game where you create ice creams and engage it the whole time. You can certainly play it anytime but the best time of the year is to play it on a beach eating a real ice cream in hand and have a smile on our face.


  • What is the idea behind this great Game?

In the game, you get to play an employee, and your sole duty is to prepare and deliver sundaes and ice creams to your customers. You are in charge of everything you need to make sure all your clients are happy and live up to their expectations. The game set in summer season where so many visitors and tourists come demanding different orders. It is up to you fulfill them in time. You also need to work on more than one order.

  • What are the favorite ways to play the Game?

Usually, there are three traditional ways that you can play ‘’FREEZERIA all levels’’, and each has different features and offers new ways to satisfy according to your demands. So before you rush online, you might want to look at these ways including,

1) Play on your computer:

When you decide to play it on your PC, you need to have an internet connection and the new version of flash player to plug-in and where you control it with your mouse and keyboard and everything looks and works fantastic. You won’t need to sue any cheats to unlock further levels.

2) Play on social media platforms:

If you do have an account on many social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, or other, then you can play 7 little words answers game with your friends and share your saved progress with them. In that way, you more than 5 to 6 players can join and compete for the order to complete.

3) Play on your handheld devices:

You can prefer to play this game on your handheld devices then you need to download it from Google play store and App store for free and enjoy. In handheld devices, you can use ‘’FREEZERIA cheats’’ to get clear each area without wasting any time.

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  • Why is this one totally worth it?

FREEZERIA allows players to learn something fresh about the recipes in a fun way and mostly girls will like this kind of game.

Instagram profiles are helpful for business? Why or why not?

buy real active instagram followers

When you think about Instagram you directly think of the millions of things it has given us. Instagram is actually doing that thing that we have heard previously yes Instagram is actually the one who is shortening the distance between the word for us. The internet has given the sentence that the world is like a village now. Where you move out of one place and you feel that it is you already know what are the traits of the place and what is happening there. While Instagram has given us so much Instagram has also given us the means to create the business through it and actually Business through Instagram is famous that more of the community use Instagram business than any other out theirs. This is because there is a thousand kind of different people present out there while being one hub it provides a lot of opportunities and business is the one that gets most of it if you ask me business is one hundred times boosted with the Instagram. If you ask me people making business pages are the one that is doing it great.

buy real active instagram followers

New few days before know while I was thinking to write an article on the business through Instagram I came across a question that a lot of people has asked me the question is Do Instagram profiles are helpful for business or not if not if there a better solution there. So I researched and found few things that can help you through the problems if you are having some in case.

Instagram profile and page

There is a lot of difference in Instagram profile and buy instagram followers. The page offers many different things while profiles offer many different aspects to the business. Frankly, since I am writing the article I found these problems where people think that they are doing right by making the Instagram business profile but actually they are on the wrong path Instagram has already mention to make the page if your work is business related never go for profile while Instagram has mentioned. They have already mentioned that if you don’t act in this way you might end up getting your account deleted. So is better than you get you account deleted rather than making up a page.

The Techies the page provides

Those people who use Instagram page know how much this helps. This helps you improve at many things trust me. The buy real instagram followers graphs tell you where to improve where to stop. While the profile doesn’t does that at all. So you tell me now which is better is it better to make Instagram pages or the Instagram profiles. While pages give you all the extra help you may need.

The Tabs

While profiles help you manage and promote directly on the walls the similar thing that page does. Page infrastructure is giving you every detail what can be done to revamp the business you are doing right now. Helps increase the output much more than usual